Classic Wraps - $10.99 plus tax

Bocce Balls:
Italian meatballs, lettuce mix, onions, tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce.

Caesar Pleaser:
Chilled, oven baked chicken breast, freshly cut Romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, shredded Parmesan and cheddar cheese with Caesar dressing.

Pepper My Sausage:
Spicy sausage, green and red peppers, banana peppers, onions, salsa and marinara sauce.

Spicy beef, onions, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, Cheddar cheese, with salsa and sour cream.

Una Tuna:
Tuna, lettuce mix, celery, tomatoes, green onions, picked ginger with wasabi mayonnaise.

Donairasaurus Rex:
Donair meat (beef), lettuce mix, tomatoes, onions, green peppers with sweet sauce.

The Winner's Club:
Bacon, chicken breast, lettuce mix, tomatoes, creamy Havarti cheese with honey mustard and mayonnaise.

Bacon Loving Tomato:
Bacon, lettuce mix, tomatoes, cheddar and Asiago cheese with dill mayonnaise.

Gourmet Pita Wraps - $11.99 plus tax

Med Marine:
Shrimp, spring mix, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, fresh parsley with Tzatziki sauce.

Tender Bender:
Thinly sliced, oven roasted beef, lettuce mix, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, with mustard and mayonnaise.

Silence of the Pita:
Tender chunks of lamb, lettuce mix, onions, tomatoes, roasted red and green peppers, with sesame sauce.

One Fine Bovine:
Steak, roasted red and green peppers, spring mix, sauteed mushrooms, Provolone cheese with A-1 Steak Sauce.

Run Turkey Run:
Baked turkey breast, crispy bacon, red onions, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce mix with Blue cheese dressing.

Chick Fix:
Home-baked chicken breast, roasted red peppers, spring mix, tomatoes, red onions, roasted garlic, Mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomato spread.

Best in Show:
Home-baked chicken breast, roasted zucchini, spring mix, tomatoes, onions, avocado, Monterey Jack cheese with lemon garlic dressing.

Bird Fanatic:
Home-baked chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted parsnips, tomatoes, spring mix with Tzatziki dressing.

Vegetarian Pita Wraps - $10.99 plus tax

Heavenly Pesto:
Pesto sauce, asparagus, lettuce mix, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, celery, fresh cilantro with ranch sauce.

Goat in the Garden:
Roasted eggplant, roasted garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, green onions, spring mix, fresh Goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.

Full of Falafel:
Falafel, onions, lettuce mix, tomatoes, green peppers with Tzatziki & sesame sauce.

Mamma's Hummous:
Mamma's hummous, pickles, fresh parsley, tomatoes, green onions and lettuce.

Classic Greek:
Lettuce mix, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, green peppers, olives, Feta cheese, with homemade Greek dressing.

Do Da Avocado:
Mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, fresh avocado, light cream cheese, with honey mustard.

Happy Hippy:
Avocado, spring mix, hemp hearts, alfalfa sprouts, raisins, pumpkin seeds with sun-dried tomato spread.

Kids Wraps - $4.79 plus tax

Just Cheese Please:
Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese

Sizzle Dog:
Hot dog, ketchup, mustard.

Pepperoni Pita:
Pepperoni, cheese, pizza sauce.

Dips (Served with Pita Bread) - $7.99

Mamma's Hummous

CREATE YOUR OWN - $11.99 plus tax

Choose one cheese, one meat, four regular vegetable toppings and one regular sauce.

Mozzarella, cheddar, feta, parmigiana, brie, provolone, havarti, swiss, goat cheese, monterey jack, cream cheese.

Meat Toppings:
Bacon, ham, beef, turkey, chicken, donair meat, tuna, sausage, shrimp, lamb, steak, roasted beef, meat balls.

Regular Vegetable Toppings:
Tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, celery, green olives, black olives, pineapple, banana pepper, jalapeno, onions, romaine lettuce, iceburg lettuce, lettuce mix, carrot, parsley, cilantro, green onion, white onions, mushrooms, pickles, sweet corn, black bean, red cabbage, green cabbage, raisins, pumpkin seeds, lentils, brown rice, spinach, parsnip.

Gourmet Toppings:
Artichoke hearts, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers, spring mix, avocado, red onions, alfalfa sprouts, hemp hearts.

Regular Sauces:
Ranch, greek, mayonnaise, mustard, honey mustard, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, caesar, tzatziki, sweet donair sauce, lemon garlic dressing, blue cheese dressing, marinara, salsa.

Gourmet Sauces:
Hummous, sun-dried tomato spread, sesame sauce.


Regular veggie toppings: $1.25
Gourmet veggie toppings: $1.50
Meat or Cheese: $2.95
Regular sauce: $1.00
Gourmet sauce: $1.50